Consulting Services

Working at the intersection of communications and human resources, Jana Weatherbee Associates offers expertise in three key areas: employee engagement, culture initiatives and change communications.

Employee engagement
The Internet has altered how people interact, form perceptions and build relationships. It also has changed forever how companies engage employees. No longer passive recipients of information, today’s professionals are actively helping to shape the way the world views their company.

Magnifying the importance of this trend, research shows conversations with the people who work in an organization are seen as a more credible source of information on a company than advertising or news coverage.

In this new reality, Jana can help you develop an engagement strategy for inspiring and equipping your employees to be confident communicators and advocates of your brand.

Culture Initiatives
Few things have the power to distinguish a company more than its culture.

Culture drives how employees set priorities and work together; how they treat customers and each other; their understanding of what is rewarded or punished; their motivation and sense of pride. It is also, more and more, what the world sees – as proliferating, real-time communications make every organization increasingly transparent.

Your company’s culture can be your competitive advantage. Jana can help you develop and execute a plan for bringing the unique attributes of your culture to life.

Change Communications
Change is the universal of business. Your ability to envision it, empathetically deal with it, spark it, tame it, has everything to do with your success as an organization.

Whether it’s a change that affects your entire company or a single department, Jana can work with you to develop a communications strategy that helps you achieve your business goals by helping your employees understand and embrace the need for new approaches and outcomes.